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Jack Schwartz Shoes, Inc. has three major footwear brands: Lugz Footwear, being the core brand, Emerils Footwear for the restaurant professionals and British Knights, the renown 1980's fashion athletics sneaker brand.

Lugz¬†specializes in fashion footwear for men offering a wide selection of boots, shoes and sneakers. Products are designed to reflect the customer’s lifestyles whether at work, play or home. Since its inception in 1993, Lugz has gained national exposure and acceptance due to extensive retail distribution, prominent television, radio and print advertising.

Emerils Footwear brings the popular chef Emeril Lagasse and his many years of restaurant experience together to reimagine the work footwear to include style, safety and comfort.

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British Knights is bringing back the late 80’s look and style that caused the brand to be one of the most popular among urban trendsetters of the time. These replications, the identical sole mold, and the signature BK prints elicit the retro feeling of the late 80's.

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